debossing dies

finishing of printed matter with debossing, single level, multi level or 3-D debossing or structures

Different materials:

Magnesium dies, a low cost etched die for small printing quantities and materials representing no handling problems.In magnesium, only single level debossing makes sense.
Brass die, high quality material for big printing quantities. Can also be delivered in steel.

Different production processes:

  • Hand crafted dies
  • CNC produced dies
  • Etched dies where other techniques will not allow required results

Different thickness of material:

Standard is 7mm, other thicknesses on request.

Fixing flanges, mounting holes according to machine type and your requirements.

Different types of counter dies and a positioning system is available.

For the best result of a debossing die, please tell us the paper quality and paper weight.

You can choose the form of the engraving. Roundrounded, with angle or in a multi-level 3-D execution. The amount of details influences the price. You can tell us how far we have to go.



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