Jewel-Caise, leather, wood-work


Tools for finishing jewel-cases, leather articles, wood-work, boxes, watch-bracelets.

  • Foilprinting dies

    Foilprinting dies

    Finishing of jewel-cases, leather articels wood-work, boxes etc. with foilprinting or branding

  • Blind embossing dies

    Blind embossing dies

    finishing of printed matter with embossing, single level, multi level or 3-D embossing or structures

  • Foil-embossing dies

    Foil-embossing dies

    Finishing of printed matter with foil-embossing dies, foil and embossing in one run, combined with flat elements or structure elements

  • Counter dies system

    Counter dies system

    Counter dies (make ready) for embossing dies, foil-embossing dies, debossing dies Positioning system with pins

  • Litho pre-press

    Litho pre-press

    Reprodution of your documents and files Artwork.

  • Dies repairing, revision

    Dies repairing, revision

    Repairing and revision of dies

  • De-bossing dies

    De-bossing dies

    finishing of printed matter with de-bossing or structures

  • Hot stamp

    Hot stamp

    Hot stamp

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