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The company Pro Gravur AG was founded in 1971

She has a lot of experience in different manufacturing techniques. Combining milling, engraving, photochemistry, electroplating and laser technologies, the company meets the high demands of innovation and quality in the field of technical engraving for micro-applications, printing tools, molds, design, special tools  and the security printing industry.
We process from the smallest parts (for example, like the watch industry) up to large formats.

  • 1971  Founding of Pro Gravur AG
  • 1981  New building at Lagerhausweg 34, Berne
  • 1986  Take over of company Pfisterer AG, Berne
  • 1989  A new flat on the existent building
  • 1993  Our first CNC engraving machine
  • 2001  Take over of company Immer, Zürich
  • 2004  New production surface at Lagerhausweg
  • 2006  New production unit at Morgenstrasse 148, Berne
  • 2011  Certification ISO 9001:2008
  • 2014  Take over of company Pfründer 
  • 2014  Fondation of 4 Plate GmbH
  • 2018  Take over of company Schmid Cliché
  • 2021  Extention unit at Lagerhausweg 34
  • Actual number of CNC production systems: 16
  • Technique : CNC, etching technique, electroplating, galvanic, laser, fine mechanics, traditional handcraft technique.
  • Pro Gravur – combination of state of the art technologies with high productivity are part of our strategy.
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