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  • Graphic industry

    Graphic industry

    Tools for printing and print-finishing, for card-boxes, lables, book printing, printed matter, plastic cups, packaging.

  • Bookbinding


    Tools for finishing jobs for bookbinding industry and bookbinders. High precision, fine details and variety in the realisation of special effects.

  • Leather / Luxury boxes / Wood

    Leather / Luxury boxes / Wood

    Tools for finishing jewel-cases, leather articles, wood-work, boxes, watch-bracelets.

  • Plastic industry

    Plastic industry

    Tools for printing, welding, moulding for plastic materials

  • Forming & mechanics

    Forming & mechanics

    technical engraving for tool and mould production, mechanic, cast-moulding.

  • Design


    Special projects for graphists and designers for reproductions on metal.

  • Frontpanels / Divers

    Frontpanels / Divers

    Etched brass signs for door signs and front panels. Tools for command panels. Small special parts for car and motor cycle restoration (vintage cars), Photochemically etched special components for model makers, model railway enthusiasts, etc.

  • Laminating plates

    Laminating plates

    Manufacturing of laminatig plates for Security Cards, Identity Cards, Passports data-sheets, etc.

  • Spécial / Integrated tools

    Spécial / Integrated tools

    For simple or complex punching tool shapes

  • Shadow-secure / Nano-graving

    Shadow-secure / Nano-graving

    High secure and brand protection. With this stamp you can protect your brand on packaging material, like carton, paper, plastic, fine leather.

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